July Sundays = SUNDAES w/ Little Baby's Ice Cream

Nothing says "summer" like ICE CREAM, right?

And what could be better than delicious, locally made ice cream + our customizable honeybar?

Each Sunday in July (we'll rotate from location to location each Sunday), we're teaming up with our friends at Little Baby's Ice Cream to bring you "little (honey) baby's"—our delicious honeybar, made even better with your choice of Little Baby's Ice Cream. For the dairy-based option, we'll have Cherry Hibiscus, and for the vegans, we've got the coconut-milk based Lychee Lemonade!

Just choose "little (honey) baby's" from the "Sweets, Snacks, Beverages" section of the menu, choose your ice cream flavor and add your favorite honeybar toppings as usual! With the Little Baby's Ice Cream flavors and our fruits and toppings, the combinations are endless!

Check out our schedule for when "little (honey) baby's" will be available at each of our four locations!

Read more about the amazing Little Baby's Ice Cream from our blog post we did last year!

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