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honeygrow was born with a goal to bring people together through wholesome and simple foods. We specialize in craveable and customizable stir-frys, salads and honeybars.

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honeygrow is about thinking different when it comes to our approach, our style + our people. Founded by Justin Rosenberg in Philadelphia in 2012, honeygrow brings people together over the highest quality, wholesome, simple foods. As a newly converted proponent of a plant-based diet and tired of the mediocrity in both food and experiences presented by many of the older + emerging fast dining options, Justin decided to leave the cubicle world, train in a fine-dining kitchen, and pursue a life that spoke to his passion: Creating awesome things through the lens of nourishing foods.


We pride ourselves on being a team of creatives—from our product to our stores + tech design—yet nothing gets us more excited than gorgeous food, sourced intelligently and having our guests leave happy. Why? Because it tastes better, not because it’s cool or it’s trendy to say. We couldn't care less what the other fast-casual guys and gals do—we’re in it for our love of great food, amazing experiences, and love for all things creative. 


We’re proud to be a Philly start-up and coming from a city fueled by passion and grit, we expect excellence from our team. We are always looking for the hardest working, product focused, and most committed people possible. If you have a great attitude and desire to grow, we will develop you.

To work at hg, our people need to have a fine-dining mentality and appreciation: you must be able to read a ticket, quickly assemble and cook ingredients, ensure accuracy, make the meal gorgeous, and consistently keep things clean. On top of this, we expect you to spread your positive enthusiasm to our guests.

Stepping further on the “who”, our vendors and food partners are no different than those of your favorite fine-dining restaurants. We spend a lot of time sourcing and reviewing our ingredients to ensure an awesome flavor.