local loves: Soom Foods tahini!

May 25, 2014 | posted by Jen

A new + local company, Soom Foods, are re-introducing tahini. Three sisters—Shelby, Jackie, and Amy—have always shared a love of delicious food and living healthy lifestyles, just like us! When Jackie's husband, a tahini expert, introduced the Soom sisters to tahini, they knew they had something big. Tahini is a spread made from sesame seeds, extremely popular in North Africa, Greece, Turkey, and the Middle East, it's just resurfacing again and popping up on menus everywhere. 

Soom Tahini is locally made from roasted and pressed Ethiopian White Humera sesame seeds and can be used not only as a spread but also as a dip or a mix for both savory and sweet cuisines; it's not just for hummus anymore! 

We love the fact that this product is naturally gluten-free, vegan, certified kosher and non-GMO, also providing many proteins, fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are essential to your diet. And we are excited to be using them for our lemon-miso-tahini stir-fry sauce!

Soom Tahini is available online and in many grocery stores and markets in the North East. There are also many restaurants in Pennsylvania, DC, and New York that sell and use Soom Tahini. Check out their site and follow them on Facebook to see where you can try Soom near you!


Authenticity and creativity in food is something that really excites us here at honeygrow. We are always keeping an eye out for the next best thing, especially from local companies that share our values of living a better quality and healthier lifestyle. Growing local and supporting our Philadelphia community and extremely important to us, so when we find something that we believe in, we love to spread the good word! If you have a local product that you think we should know about, please email us at ComeTogether@honeygrow.com!

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