honeygrow #24 is now open in Schaumburg, IL!

we're excited to announce our 24th honeygrow location (our third in the Chicago area) is now open in the Village of Schaumburg, at 1741 E Golf Road. Located adjacent to the bustling Woodfield Mall, hgSchaumburg is easily accessible via the northern side of the shared mall parking lot. Our Schaumburg spot will be open Monday through Saturday, 10:30AM til 10:00PM, and 10:30AM til 9:00PM on Sunday.

gracing the walls of the restaurant is a colorful, elaborate mural by Chicago-based artist, Rubén Aguirre. We've previously worked with Rubén for the interior of our downtown Chicago space — you can learn more about him + his art on the blog. The space is designed by GreenBerg Farrow architects, featuring warm, inviting tones paired with sleek, modern accents. A dedicated pick-up section is located near the cashier for any pre-orders made through our mobile app. Any guests ordering in the restaurant will do so via our proprietary kiosk system, which tracks order history + loyalty progression once you create an account. Delivery via GrubHub will be available beginning March 5th.

our wholesome array of suggested stir-fries + salads is available at hgRockville alongside our fully custom honeybar menu + lineup of colorful cold-pressed juices. Featured on the menu are our new spring seasonal options: the Hakusai salad (organic arugula, napa cabbage, asparagus, edamame, carrots, honeydew, hot + sour pickles, cashews, mustard-miso dressing) and Shiso Basil Pesto stir-fry (egg white noodles, shrimp, asparagus, green beans, peas, scallions, 'mg' spice, shiso-basil pesto sauce). The Shiso-Basil Pesto stir-fry incorporates flavors + ingredients found at our new minigrow concept, which is opening soon in Chicago's Loop.

be wholesome, eat different—visit us today at 1741 E Golf Rd!

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