give your Winter some 'soul'

Dec 31, 2018 | posted by Jen

To ring in 2019, we've launched our new Winter seasonal items—the Vegan AF stir-fry + the Soulfull Oats Salad (S.O.S.)—and while we're excited about both dishes, we're especially stoked about the delicious housemade multi-seed crackers in the S.O.S.

hg run club kicks off today, Tuesday, January 27th!

Jan 27, 2015 | posted by daniel

For runners, there is no more challenging time to train than the dead of winter. It’s dark when you wake up. It’s dark when you leave work. Not to mention the cold temperatures and ice that make it hard to remain consistent with your runs.

So how do you stay motivated and safe in the winter?

Here are three tips for any runner training for a spring race:

1. Run in well-lit and clear areas

Staying Local for Winter

Jan 25, 2014 | posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Now that a real winter has finally hit the East Coast, the ground is frozen and every morning you wake up with frost on your windows. One begins to wonder how you’ll survive without your summer farmer’s market around the corner.

Sticking to local produce in the winter is difficult, which is why we pride ourselves at honeygrow by working the tastiest seasonal items into our menu and still sourcing locally. The biggest hits right now are apples and kale, solidifying the decision of our two winter smoothie flavors.