the curiosities of Curio Spice

Jan 14, 2019 | posted by Jen

as lovers of all things culinary, travel + adventure, we were stoked to be able to sit down with Claire Cheney, founder of Curio Spice Co. Founded in 2015, Claire is a self-taught cook who’s spent the last decade visiting spice farms + communities over 12 countries sourcing the best spices to bring back to New England. Tucked into a cozy space in Cambridge, MA, the shop is like taking a step into a global adventure full of treasures + stories—Claire’s adventurous spirit echoes throughout every spice blend + object.

Buona fortuna, Val!

Mar 20, 2014 | posted by Jen

"Val," aka,Valencia Baker, started at honeygrow only two months ago. I remember interviewing her and liking her right away. With her stylish haircut and warm smile, she won me over. She proved to be a rock star. Val shines in customer service. She genuinely loves interacting with people—and it shows. I asked her to join me on some events because she really enjoyed helping and did an amazing job each time. No task was to big for her and she was always willing to work.