Dec 7, 2018 | posted by Jen

Have you heard of, or used, a 'kettlebell'? Originating in Russia as 'girya,' these handled cast metal weights are the centerpiece for Perry O'Hearn's latest fitness venture. You may know Perry as the owner of Philly Phitness, a personal training studio founded in 2012, which focuses on ‘total transformation’ to help each client achieve their personal best in all walks of life. Since opening, they have worked with nearly 1,000 people and have conducted over 35,000 personal training sessions.

be stronger: ZAKTi total body wellness

Mar 29, 2015 | posted by Jen

If you've ever wandered down Monroe Street in the Queen Village neighborhood of Philadelphia, you might've noticed a recessed alley hidden along this residential street. Down that alley, you'll find ZAKTi.

Think Green! Broccoli Benefits!

Mar 17, 2014 | posted by Jen

After all of the St. Patrick's Day festivities, we've got GREEN on the brain, not in the form of beads, boas, or beer… but, BROCCOLI!

From stir fry to salad, from crudité to soup, I have loved broccoli since my mom convinced me to eat it under melted cheese at the dinner table. As a hardy vegetable, it can be enjoyed seasonally for much of the year, which is great news based on this ever-growing list of benefits (and fun facts)!

1. Broccoli originated in Italy, where it's been eaten since the time of the ancient Romans in the 6th Century BC.