hgSpotlight - Jasmine Chiaramonte, Ultramarathoner

Feb 26, 2019 | posted by chelsea

Jasmine Chiaramonte holds more than just the title of honeygrow’s VP of Finance - this vegetarian and mother of three is a beyond-accomplished ultra-runner. Needing a flexible method of keeping fit (while also having an excuse to leave the house), Jasmine took to running and was quickly on her way to completing ultra-marathons. Her current personal distance record is 119 miles in a 24-hour event, with hopes to break 130 miles in an upcoming race in May 2019.

meet the hg team: Raelynn!

Oct 16, 2014 | posted by Jen

The first thing people usually say to hg office manager and bookkeeper, Raelynn, after they find out she's running the Philadelphia Marathon this November is, "you're crazy." After they find out she doesn't eat meat it's, "but where do you get your protein?"

Quick to fill you in with an answer to both,