honeybars to save honeybees

Sep 12, 2018 | posted by Jen
To celebrate National Honey Month all September long, we are giving 20% of every honeybar sold via our App to the Honeybee Conservancy (bonus: your entire App order will also get double points when you add a honeybar!) We had a chance to catch up with Guillermo Fernandez, The Honeybee Conservancy Director, to learn more about why the honey bee population is something we should all take very seriously.
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you've been honeybombed!

Jul 23, 2014 | posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Now that we've "honeybombed" FYI Philly at 6abc (see it for yourself on @6abcfyiphilly Saturday, August 2 at 7pm!), you might be wondering, "What's a honeybomb?"

Let's break it down:

"honeybomb" = a spontaneous happening; a sneak 'attack' on a local business bearing honeybars and kale'atta smoothies brought to you by honeygrow.

With that answer, comes another question, "what is a 'honeybar' or a 'kale'atta'?"