honeybars to save honeybees

Sep 12, 2018 | posted by Jen
To celebrate National Honey Month all September long, we are giving 20% of every honeybar sold via our App to the Honeybee Conservancy (bonus: your entire App order will also get double points when you add a honeybar!) We had a chance to catch up with Guillermo Fernandez, The Honeybee Conservancy Director, to learn more about why the honey bee population is something we should all take very seriously.
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these women are fighting the kraken!

Dec 19, 2014 | posted by Jen

Ever get one of those ideas that comes to you that you think is crazy and then you actually plan to do it? Meet Ariel Nelson and Vicki Otmani. The duo took the time to give us a beyond inspiring interview about their plans to change the world by competing in the Great Pacific Race. Leaving from Monterey, California they'll be rowing across the open ocean to Honolulu, Hawaii. Completing the journey will make Ariel and Vicki the only female pair to ever do so— all while battling the Kraken!