...and we're back!

we're thrilled to announce that our City Ave location officially re-opens Monday, February 6th at 11AM! We can't wait to show you what we've been working on...

    while we’re getting our makeover, we hope you will come see us at our other nearby locations (which are all pretty close by!)

    here’s what to expect when we re-open:

    • Increasing the amount of woks, from 4 to 5, to keep up with increasing demand and lower the wait time on stir-fry
    • Installing new, improved, and safer pasta cookers to ensure a consistently superior product while safeguarding our employees
    • Upgrading or replacing our cooking utensils and equipment to ensure food safety + quality
    • Upgrading or replacing our refrigeration equipment to ensure food safety + quality
    • Reorganization and simplification of our salad and wok areas to streamline operations + expedite wait times
    • Simplifying the guest service area for faster pick-up
    • New beverage, condiment, trash and recycling stations
    • Replacing current lighting with an energy efficient option in the dining room area
    • New menu boards to clearly feature our fully customizable menu and highlight locally sourced ingredients
    • A full renovation of our guest bathrooms
    • Reorganization + renovation of the kitchen area to ensure efficiency + employee safety.
    • New flooring throughout the line and kitchen areas to enhance safety

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    for any other info, please email ComeTogether@honeygrow.com