what is honeygrow?
we are the original “create-your-own” stir-fry, salad, honeybar + juice specialists. Everything is made from scratch and fully customizable (excluding our juices), thanks to our proprietary touchscreen ordering technology. We feature local + seasonal produce whenever we can. We visit nearby farms to ensure the highest quality products. We are transparent about what we’re serving and where it’s sourced. From antibiotic and hormone-free proteins to our sauces + dressings prepared from scratch daily, our Culinary Director ensures every ingredient shines. Though we got our start in Philadelphia in 2012, we are committed to connecting with every community we serve in meaningful + sustainable ways.
how was honeygrow started?
our founder, Justin Rosenberg, came up with the idea in 2009 while working full-time and getting his MBA at Temple. He left his day job with the dream of creating a place with colorful, dynamic, customizable options that would fill a gap he discovered by going vegan at the time. He took his business plan to 93 investors before the 94th one gave him a chance. On June 8, 2012, our 16th Street location opened and we currently have 22 total locations.
where does the name “honeygrow” come from?
honeygrow is a play on the phrase “honest eating + growing local” — the phrase succinctly illustrates our commitment to providing the freshest food possible, while working with local purveyors + partners whenever possible. The "growing local" aspect extends into our community activations + partnerships, where we work alongside like-minded businesses to improve each community we call home.
what is “nourishing creativity”?
“nourishing creativity” grew out of the realization that honeygrow continuously fosters a space for innovation. From our employees to our guests, anyone who is a part of the honeygrow community has the opportunity to construct their own happy + healthy lifestyle. It starts with our employees nourishing creativity in their own roles. By perfecting the art of wok-ing, or developing new and creative ways to interact with our guests (hello split-flaps!), or showcasing local artists in each of our restaurants, we cultivate a culture of ingenuity in all that we do. But most importantly, we fuel creativity in our guests. We provide the right, wholesome ingredients, and they provide their own creativity. They fuel their mind and body with their custom honeygrow creation, and go out in the world ready to create their own happiness.
does honeygrow franchise?
no, we are not a franchise as we own and operate all of our own locations. We prefer to ensure the highest quality possible across all of our locations and strive to truly connect and engage with every community we enter.
what are the hours of operation?
hours vary from store to store and can be found on the locations section of our website.
does honeygrow deliver?
we deliver in some locations through delivery partners like Caviar and GrubHub to bring delicious stir fry’s and salads right to your door.
  • Baltimore: GrubHub
  • Boston: Caviar
  • Chicago: Caviar
  • DC: Caviar
  • Hoboken: GrubHub
  • Pennsylvania (except Pittsburgh): Caviar
  • Pittsburgh: GrubHub
  • NYC: Caviar
does honeygrow cater?
coming soon! But in the meantime, we do not cater in the traditional sense, however, we can accommodate large orders placed in advance through our app!
where can I find honeygrow nutrition information?
our nutrition information can be found on the “menu” section of our website.
do honeygrow products contain peanuts?
our restaurants do not carry peanuts or peanut products at any time. Our founder’s wife is highly allergic, so honeygrow recipes were built to exclude all peanut products.
what gluten-free options are on the menu?
our rice noodles, brown rice + lettuce cups are all gluten-free bases for our stir-frys. All gluten-free options are labeled with a “(GF)” on our menu.
what vegan options are on the menu?
our rice noodles, brown rice, lettuce cups, and whole wheat noodles are all vegan bases for our stir-frys. All vegan options are labeled with a “(V)” on our menu.
Star Wars or Star Trek?
Star Wars (sorry, Trekkies). May the Force be with you.
where do you source your ingredients?
this varies by each location and changes due to seasonality. We showcase a “local list” in each of our restaurants that outlines where all of our local produce comes from that month.
where can I buy gift cards?
you can conveniently buy gift cards in any restaurant or online via our website.
do you have online ordering?
not yet, but you can place a pre-order for pick-up through our app!
do you use any products with GMO’s? 
no, honeygrow sources all of its produce, meat and dairy from non-GMO vendors and suppliers.
I’m interested in becoming a supplier, who should I contact?
select the appropriate option on our contact form and fill out the requested information.
I have a new location recommendation! Who do I contact?
select the appropriate option on our contact form and fill out the requested information.
what types of fundraisers and donations does honeygrow support?
we aim to support organizations with a commitment to a similar mission of nourishing health, creativity and activity in our communities. We cannot support organizations that discriminate against a person or group on the basis of age, political affiliation, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation or religious belief. We are unable to host fundraisers for organizations that fall into the following categories:
  • Individuals or individual study, travel and research grants
  • For-profit ventures
  • Religious groups for religious purposes
  • Capital campaigns, endowment funds or memorials
  • Lobbying or political activities 
*if your organization falls within our guidelines, you can apply to host a fundraiser with us via the “Contact Us” section of our website.
due to the number of requests received on a daily basis, we cannot fulfill all requests, but try our best to do so when possible. We do not provide monetary or unsolicited sponsorship donations at any time.
what types of juices do you offer and what is in them?
our “Better Off Red” juice is made with watermelon, beet, raspberry + lemon. Our “Green is Good” juice is made with apple, spinach, cucumber, lemon + basil. And last, but not least, our “Orange You Thirsty” juice is made of oranges, carrots, lemon and ginger
why are you so delicious?
probably due to the locally sourced ingredients combined with our unique housemade dressings + sauces…probably.
what is minigrow?
minigrow is our new concept, now open in Manhattan, Boston + Chicago. Learn more here.