ritualistic roasting: One Village Coffee

Jan 30, 2017 | posted by kyle

coffee is complex—it's "kick" is brought upon by a chemical reaction with hot water which, when perfectly calculated, delivers a pleasant aroma + sharp, unique taste that varies per bean, per region, per roast. This is just one drip of the knowledge we gained while visiting One Village Coffee's headquarters + roastery in Souderton, PA.

growing local: Fresh Tofu Inc

Dec 16, 2016 | posted by kyle

in 1978 Gary Abramowitz launched Wok 'n Roll, a vegetarian friendly food truck, into the expansive arsenal that is Rutgers University's fast-service dining options. A few years later he found himself moving on from the truck + into the realm of tofu production at Allentown, PA's Fresh Tofu Inc., where he's been cranking out various soy-based products ever since.

now pouring: fair-trade, organic (delicious!) Maine Root

Aug 22, 2015 | posted by Jen
If you've had a fountain soda at any of our locations recently, you may have noticed a new selection for your taste buds. Committed to giving you the best as always, we switched to an even better naturally sweetened choice for your refreshing,  fizzy fountain-poured needs. We are now proudly serving six of Maine Root's fair-trade certified organically sweetened sodas.